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Monero Price Analysis – Temporary Uptrend To Materialize Soon
Posted on Monday March 27, 2017

Monero holders remain on the edge of their seats, even though the price is evolving in the wrong direction. With more losses in both USD and BTC values, things are looking pretty bleak for Monero right now. A bitcoin price correction is direly needed to ...

Monero Mining Benchmarks – CPU Mining With AMD Ryzen 7 Systems
Posted on Saturday March 25, 2017

With Monero (XMR) crypto-currencies on a rally over the past few weeks, we wanted to look at how the AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs performed in Monero mining. Although using an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 may produce solid performance for the low purchase price, we do not ...

Investment Recommendations March 29th
Posted on Wednesday March 29, 2017

Monero: Long-Term Buy Monero, 4-Hour Chart analysis Monero is consolidating near its all-time highs from last September, around the 20 level. An encouraging short-term base formation is developing between 17 and 18, and that could serve as support for a ...

Digital Asset Exchange ShapeShift Raises $10.4 Million in Funding
Posted on Wednesday March 29, 2017

The ShapeShift platform supports more than 40 digital currencies and assets, including bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin, Augur's REP token, and Monero. Any of these assets may be sold for any other, with more than 1,080 direct trading pairs. "ShapeShift's ...

ZCash vs Monero - privacy
Posted on Monday March 27, 2017

You can't trust Zcash. Its a private company with closed code. For all you know the NSA could have see every transaction and who made it. Monero has open source code and far more trustworthy. The only problem with Monero is they are awful at marketing!

ShapeShift Raises $10.4 Million from Venture Capital Funds
Posted on Wednesday March 29, 2017

ShapeShift, an instant digital asset exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and dozens of other blockchain tokens, has just announced the completion of a $10.4 million Series A funding round, led by the Berlin-based VC Earlybird. Other new ...

Star Trek Themed Monero Ransomware Makes an Appearance
Posted on Saturday March 18, 2017

Kirk, a Star Trek themed ransomware demands Monero instead of Bitcoin for a change. Read more... The fear of cybercriminals and hackers switching to Monero has come true. The latest Monero ransomware to hit the internet, takes inspiration from the popular ...

Bitcoin exchange ShapeShift Raises $10.4 Million in Series A
Posted on Wednesday March 29, 2017

The ShapeShift platform currently supports more than 40 leading digital currencies and assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Augur’s Rep token, and Monero. Any of these assets may be sold for any other, thus over 1,080 direct trading pairs ...

Spock will unlock Kirk ransomware – after you beam up a bunch of Monero
Posted on Friday March 24, 2017

Star Trek fans might remember an episode from the original series where our heroes were transported to a mirror universe where their counterparts served an evil version of the Federation. At the end of “Mirror Mirror“, it is the alternate universe’s ...

Genesis Mining Now Offering Monero (XMR) Cloud Mining
Posted on Friday March 24, 2017

With the user interest in Monero (XMR) peaking up in the last couple of months it is no wonder that we are now starting to see cloud mining services like Genesis Mining starting to offer cloud contracts for that crypto currency as well. The just announced ...

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