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Chrome Extension Embeds In-Browser Monero Miner That Drains Your CPU
Posted on Tuesday September 19, 2017

The authors of SafeBrowse, a Chrome extension with more than 140,000 users, have embedded a JavaScript library in the extension's code that mines for the Monero cryptocurrency using users' computers and without getting their consent. The additional code ...

EITest Campaign Uses Tech Support Scams to Deliver Coinhive’s Monero Miner
Posted on Friday September 22, 2017

We’ve uncovered the notorious EITest campaign delivering a JavaScript (JS) cryptocurrency miner (detected by Trend Micro as HKTL_COINMINE) using tech support scams as a social engineering lure. These are fraud activities impersonating legitimate ...

4 CryptoCurrencies Besides Bitcoin You Need To Keep An Eye On
Posted on Saturday September 23, 2017

2. Monero. This innovative cryptocurrency, which is based on the CryptoNote protocol, improves on one area where some traders think Bitcoin falls short: maximum block size. Bitcoin transactions are processed in blocks, with each one being “stacked” on ...

Pirate Bay Allegedly Runs A Monero Cryptocurrency Miner In Background Of User Systems But It Can Be Blocked [Updated]
Posted on Sunday September 17, 2017

Udpate, 9/17/17: It turns out the actual cryptocurrency being mined by TPB is actually Monero. As such this article has been updated. The Pirate Bay made its name as the site to go to if you want to download pirated applications, games, music or movies.

The Secrets Behind Monero Cryptocurrency
Posted on Friday September 15, 2017

Want to know what decentralized economics looks like in the real world? Meet monero. Once upon a time, there was an anonymous internet sleuth who wondered if blockchain currencies, like bitcoin, could create universal trust without sacrificing individual ...

Pirate Bay Spotted Hosting Monero Cryptocurrency Miner
Posted on Monday September 18, 2017

A cryptocurrency miner surfaced on the world’s largest torrenting site for a day over the weekend, raising the ire of users unaware the tool was there, let alone leveraging their machine’s computing power. Users noticed the miner Friday night on The ...

The Pirate Bay Takes Heat for Testing Monero Mining
Posted on Tuesday September 19, 2017

The Pirate Bay has come under fire for testing a Monero javascript miner as a possible means for generating new revenue to replace its current model of making money through advertising on the site. It used a cryptocurrency miner from Coinhive, essentially ...

Pirate Bay Founder’s ‘Njalla’ Offers Anonymous Domain Registration for Bitcoin
Posted on Friday September 22, 2017

The company accepts payments in bitcoin, litecoin, monero, and dash for Njalla’s managed anonymous DNS for businesses. “Njalla is needed because we’re going the wrong way in society regarding people’s right to be anonymous. With social media ...

Was Torrent Site The Pirate Bay Being Sneaky or Creative By Tricking Visitors Into Monero Mining
Posted on Tuesday September 19, 2017

Users noticed a cryptocurrency miner surfaced on The Pirate Bay, the world’s largest torrenting for a day over the weekend. Pop quiz: would you rather A) see ad banners displayed at the top of the website, or B) mine Monero cryptocurrency when you visit ...

Monero cryptocurrency miners silently placed on Pirate Bay visitor CPUs
Posted on Monday September 18, 2017

In an effort to generate more revenue for the site, The Pirate Bay is quietly running Monero cryptocurrency on the CPU's of its visitors, much to their disapproval. The site's creators acknowledged their actions for those who noticed a significant jump in ...

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