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Senate votes 59-39 to confirm Lydia Griggsby, the first woman of color to become a U.S. district judge in Maryland
Posted on Wednesday June 16, 2021

Even though her nomination was not considered controversial, 39 Republicans voted against confirming her. She received “yes” votes from 11 Republicans and each of the 48 Democrats who were present.

Explainer-U.S. Senate's reconciliation process: it's not the way it sounds
Posted on Wednesday June 16, 2021

U.S. Democrats are discussing using reconciliation, an arcane Senate procedural tool, to enact President Joe Biden's ambitious infrastructure plans, going beyond fixing roads and bridges to fighting ...

Senate Unites to Pass Bill Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday
Posted on Wednesday June 16, 2021

Lawmakers on Wednesday celebrated Tuesday’s unanimous passage in the Senate of a bill that would make Juneteenth a federal holiday. The House is expected to pass the legislation Wednesday night.

After meeting with vice president, Texas Democrats concede federal voting rights battle is in Senate
Posted on Wednesday June 16, 2021

Democratic Texas lawmakers met with Vice President Harris, but conceded that while the administration wants to see federal voting reform pass, the hurdle is the Senate.

NC Election Bills Unlikely to Become Laws After Senate Votes
Posted on Wednesday June 16, 2021

North Carolina Senate Republicans have pushed a trio of election measures through their chamber, but they're unlikely to become law in their current forms given Democratic opposition.

North Carolina Senate passes trio of election measures
Posted on Wednesday June 16, 2021

The GOP-led North Carolina Senate passed a trio of election measures on Wednesday that will likely be stalled by the time it gets to the Democratic governor's desk.

No. 3 Senate Republican John Barrasso vows to make Biden a 'one-half-term president'
Posted on Tuesday June 15, 2021

The Wyoming lawmaker's remarks come after McConnell pledged to block the president's agenda and sharply criticized the administration's policies.

Overnight Defense: Biden, Putin agree to launch arms control talks at summit | 2002 war authorization repeal will get Senate vote | GOP rep warns Biden 'blood with be on his ...
Posted on Wednesday June 16, 2021

Happy Wednesday and welcome to Overnight Defense. I'm Rebecca Kheel, and here's your nightly guide to the latest developments at the Pentagon, on Capitol Hill and beyond. CLICK HERE to subscribe to ...

Senate Judiciary Dems demand DOJ turn over Trump obstruction memo
Posted on Wednesday June 16, 2021

All 11 Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are demanding that the Justice Department turn over to Congress an internal legal memo related to former special counsel Robert Mueller's Ru ...

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