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Bitcoin still a buy despite recent losses says blockchain venture capitalist. Here's why.
Posted on Saturday May 26, 2018

Blockchain venture capitalist Spencer Bogart says bitcoin's increased number of use cases is proof that the coin is becoming more institutionalized. He says to sell coins like Cardano, TRON, IOTA and NEO. But hold ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash and EOS ...

Bitcoin Daily: U.S. And Canada Probe Crypto Scams, Vanguard Predicts Likely Bitcoin Crash
Posted on Saturday May 26, 2018

MF Chain has a new cryptocurrency payment solution for merchants, the company said in an announcement. And, by integrating with supported cryptocurrency wallets through an application programming interface (API), the system doesn’t require users to ...

Bitcoin's Fate? This Cryptoasset Manager Sees Two Possible Outcomes
Posted on Friday May 25, 2018

Bitcoin’s future price has been the subject of enormous speculation everywhere from cocktail parties to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Some mega-bulls, like venture capitalist Tim Draper, predict the value will rocket to $250,000 in as little ...

Why Bitcoin Prices Will Get a Boost After Today's Slide
Posted on Friday May 25, 2018

Bitcoin prices continued their downward trend as markets absorb the ongoing investigation by the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) into the manipulation of the cryptocurrency. But the worst may be over… The agency is working with the Commodity Futures ...

ZeppelinOS Software Launch Promises Easier Fix for Ethereum Contracts
Posted on Friday May 25, 2018

Unfixable ethereum smart contract errors might soon be a thing of the past. While such bugs can cause any number of issues for blockchain operators today, a startup called Smart Contract Solutions is launching ZeppelinOS, a release that marks the fruition ...

Ethereum Classic 51% Attack Would Cost Just $55 Mln, Result in $1 Bln Profit: Research
Posted on Friday May 25, 2018

A Brazilian researcher has calculated that it could take just $55 mln to hack a major cryptocurrency network for $1bln profit in new findings, TNW reports Friday, May 22. Husam Abboud of FECAP University in São Paulo used the example of Ethereum Classic ...

EtherZero - improved Ethereum for decentralized Platforms
Posted on Sunday May 27, 2018

(PRLEAP.COM) EtherZero - the new standard of applications for smart-contracts. The EtherZero developers significantly expanded the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain and pursue an ambitious goal - to reach 10% of the total Ethereum capitalization.

Too Much Information: Securing the Ethereum Network Coming to a Gridlock?
Posted on Thursday May 24, 2018

Ethereum was once dubbed the Bitcoin killer, but it may be close to killing itself, falling prey to a bloated blockchain and greater difficulties in archiving or synchronizing. Recently, a discussion centered around the growth of information for ...

Here's what you need to know about Zcash, a privacy-focused bitcoin competitor that just got a major boost
Posted on Thursday May 17, 2018

Forget bitcoin and ethereum, there's a new cryptocurrency in town: zcash. The Winklevoss twin's cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced on Monday that it would start trading zcash on May 22. This sent the price spiking up more than 40%. Here's everything ...

Here's Why Cryptocurrency Zcash Is Soaring While Bitcoin Languishes
Posted on Tuesday May 15, 2018

The price of cryptocurrency poster child Bitcoin has languished in recent days owing to the raid of a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Friday. But the entire cryptocurrency market has not followed its descent. While the price of Bitcoin dipped to $ ...

Zcash Surges 50% After Winklevoss Twins List Token On Gemini
Posted on Tuesday May 15, 2018

The price of privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash has rallied over the last few days, climbing sharply after exchange Gemini announced that it would soon add this innovative digital currency. Starting May 22 at 9:30am EDT, investors will be able to trade ...

Cryptocurrency ZCash surges after Winklevoss twins' bitcoin exchange gets OK
Posted on Tuesday May 15, 2018

The price of cryptocurrency Zcash surged more than 43 percent after Gemini Trust Co., the bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange backed by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, announced it received approval from New York regulators to allow trading in the so ...

Litecoin price weekly analysis 24 May: Looks like we are in a slump
Posted on Wednesday May 23, 2018

A price dip this week follows a longer term trend. Some short trading seems to be following the 50 day SMA. $100 looks like a possibility unless something breaks the current cycle. Litecoin has taken a beating this week, dropping US$20 from its price of ...

Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD rockets over 5% in 1 hour during afternoon trading on Thursday
Posted on Thursday May 24, 2018

Litecoin jumps over 5% within an hour, during afternoon trading on Thursday. Should the bears reapply pressure, the next big downside target would be the $100 mark. The Litecoin price is seen up 2.5% through the mid-point of the trading session on Thursday ...

The Bitcoin Guy: Litecoin? Eos? Cardano? How you can spot the next Ethereum
Posted on Wednesday May 23, 2018

In his brilliant new column in the Evening Standard, Jay talks us through the technicolour range of different crypto currencies and - most importantly - predicts which will thrive and which will die. Jay Smith Jimmy Song and the Maximalists may sound like ...

IOTA, Stellar Lumens, Tron, Litecoin, EOS Technical Analysis
Posted on Sunday May 13, 2018

There are some pretty nice developments in the markets that we should remain positive despite the down trend. As it is-and playing by the technical development-we expect prices to bounce back with Litecoin and IOTA probably spearheading that recovery.

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