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Square Jumps After Receiving License to Let New York Customers Buy and Sell Bitcoin
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

Square Inc. shares climbed to their highest price ever after New York granted the company a virtual-currency license, letting customers in the state buy and sell Bitcoin. Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey said earlier this year that the company would ...

Bitcoin jumps after New York approves Square's Cash app for crypto trading
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

Bitcoin spiked suddenly in Monday afternoon trading to its highest since Tuesday. New York's Department of Financial Services granted Square a virtual currency license, allowing users of the Cash app in the state to trade bitcoin. Cash has 7 million ...

Your Guide On Bitcoin's Lightning Network: The Opportunities And The Issues
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

Bitcoin has been around long enough that cycles in the market are starting to emerge. There was a spike in the value of Bitcoin at the end of 2017, reaching almost $20,000 at its peak. A huge rush of people entered the market to see how they could get in ...

Bitcoin's Price Jumps $400 in Less Than Two Hours
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

The price of bitcoin, the world's leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization, surged $400 during a two-hour period on Monday while more than 26,000 coins traded hands. The seemingly bearish day opened with a price of $6,443 that quickly fell to $6,338 ...

An Ethereum Futures Future? U.S. Commodities Giants Lie In Wait After SEC Surprise
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

Chicago-based commodities giants, Cboe and CME Group are now both exploring the ethereum cryptocurrency with a $49.6 billion market value in a number of different ways. The problem is, until last week, U.S. regulatory uncertainty was preventing them, from ...

Ethereum & Bitcoin: First Sign of Unravelling Cryptos
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

In articles starting in April I discussed the bullish impulse we had seen off the April lows for nearly every coin I track. And, I discussed how the lows on May 28 were testing levels that, if broken, threatened the continuation of that impulse ...

Ethereum to Combine Casper and Sharding Upgrades
Posted on Friday June 15, 2018

Ethereum (ETH) developers have recently discussed the most significant upcoming updates to the ETH network at Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #40 that took place Friday, June 15. [LIVE] Ethereum Core Developer Meeting #40 [06/15/18] # ...

This insanely cool DIY smart home features Alexa’s AI and Ethereum’s blockchain
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

Building the perfect home involves a lot of time, effort, and Amazon Echo Dots. One family decided to create the smartest house in the world, and by all accounts they’ve succeeded. Video monitoring? Check. AI-powered voice command interface? Check.

Litecoin Sees Increased Adoption by Businesses
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

Litecoin (LTC) is seeing an “incredible amount of interest” from global businesses looking forward to integrating and supporting it, the Litecoin Foundation announced in their Twitter post. At the same time, it reminded its users to ask the companies ...

Here's What Crypto Experts Are Saying About Litecoin
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

It seems like it was just yesterday that we told our readers how to buy Litecoin, when prices were climbing over $100 on Nov. 29, 2017. LTC prices then skyrocketed 275%, to $375.29 per coin, on Dec. 18, 2017, but are now below $100 again. With retail ...

Bitcoin & Litecoin Technical Outlook Continues to Point to Lower Prices
Posted on Monday June 18, 2018

Price behavior analysis, short to intermediate-term trade set-ups. Last week, we looked at Bitcoin and Litecoin, noting broken support levels likely leading to more breaks ahead. The group as a whole is quite weak, as my colleague Nick Cawley also pointed ...

Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD in the double digit, its a brekdown;
Posted on Sunday June 17, 2018

Litecoin broke down on the long term charts. Some bounce imminent, may not sustain. Litecoin broke down of a key long term support and has remained below that support throughout this week in a sign that this fall is not yet done and some more pain is still ...

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