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Bitcoin Back Above $50k – But What Comes Next?
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2024

The market conditions are showing that the demand on Bitcoin is increasing, which is expected to reflect positively on the prices in the near future.

$1 billion bitcoin moves bring Coinbase to lowest level since 2015
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2024

Almost $1 billion of crypto was transferred out of Coinbase by multiple investors last week, representing one of the largest outflows ever from the U.S.'s biggest crypto exchange. This caused the ...

Bitcoin price today: BTC is down 1.66%
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2024

The lowest intraday price that the crypto traded in the past year was $19,582.88 on March 10, 2023. The original crypto is up by 108.38% year over year. BTC had very humble beginnings when it was ...

This Is What to Expect 60 Days Before the Bitcoin Halving
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2024

Explore the impact of Bitcoin halving on market trends, showcasing historical surges and strategic investment decisions for the bull market.

Ethiopia To Become The First African Country To Start Bitcoin Mining
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2024

On Feb 15, the Ethiopian Investment Holdings (EIH) signed an MoU with West Data Group's Center Service PLC for a $250m data mining project which includes bitcoin mining.

Ethereum ICO Investor Moves $5M ETH After 8-Year Gap As Price Hits $3K
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2024

An early Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) investor springs into action as the cryptocurrency’s value crosses the $3,000 threshold, marking a milestone not seen in nearly a year. What Happened: Ethereum has ...

Ethereum Dencun Upgrade: Here’s a Major Checklist for Developers
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2024

With the Ethereum Dencun Upgrade around the corner, top developer Christine Kim has unveiled to-do lists for the network's developers ...

‘Stealing Gold’s Crown’—Bitcoin ETF Inflows Suddenly Surge On $13.6 Trillion Prediction As Crypto Bulls Target $10,000 Ethereum Price
Posted on Monday February 19, 2024

Inflows into the new spot bitcoin ETFs suddenly accelerated last week, fueling wild predictions that bitcoin could "steal gold's crown" as the "prime ...

Ethereum surpasses $3k for the first time in 2 years
Posted on Tuesday February 20, 2024

Ethereum has blasted past the $3,000 mark as of February 20, marking a significant milestone not seen since April 2022. This achievement highlights a strong uptick in the cryptocurrency’s valuation, ...

The 2 Ethereum Charts You Need To See
Posted on Tuesday February 20, 2024

Ethereum plays second fiddle to bitcoin and is lagging it. In the past it has outperformed but that run has been in later stages of the boom when bitcoin has run the course of the initial repricing.

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