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Bitcoin shows its wild side once again, dropping $3,000 in minutes over weekend
Posted on Monday December 11, 2023

Bitcoin fell Monday as investors took profits after its December rally.The price of the cryptocurrency was recently lower by about 4.6% at $42,151.38, according to Coinbase, after a big drop Sunday ...

Bitcoin Price Gains Hitting Resistance, But $100,000 and Beyond Are Next
Posted on Monday December 11, 2023

Many factors are changing the crypto market. But as the bitcoin price continues to overcome points of resistance, a larger surge is ahead.

Donald Trump Predicted To Trigger A 2024 $2 Trillion Bitcoin Price Boom
Posted on Monday December 11, 2023

Analysts with investment manager VanEck have said they expect former U.S. president Donald Trump to retake the White House next year—helping the bitcoin price soar to $100,000 by December ...

Bitcoin’s 2023 Rally Frays During Brief 7.5% Drop Toward $40,000
Posted on Sunday December 10, 2023

Bitcoin posted its steepest drop in almost four months as traders moved to lock in profits following a more than 150% rally this year, triggering large liquidations of bullish bets.

Crypto market eyes interest rates and expected bitcoin ETFs in 2024
Posted on Sunday December 10, 2023

After ending 2023 on a high, crypto investors will be watching central bank interest rates and a U.S. regulatory decision on new bitcoin products as they decide how to place their bets next year.

Ethereum faces a moment of truth with latest crypto rally
Posted on Monday December 11, 2023

A recent spike in Ethereum gas fees raises the question of whether the most popular smart contract platform is ready for prime time.

Ethereum Price Forecast – Ethereum Gets Slammed
Posted on Monday December 11, 2023

The Ethereum market has slammed rather impressively over the last 24 hours, as it looks like the market has cooled off just a bit.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Record Losses; FTX Token Becomes Top Loser
Posted on Monday December 11, 2023

Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) moved lower, with the cryptocurrency prices falling below the $43,000 level on Monday. Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) also recorded losses, trading below the key $2,300 mark this morning ...

Tether Freezes over 160 Ethereum Wallets Tied to OFAC Sanctions List
Posted on Sunday December 10, 2023

Tether froze 161 Ethereum wallets that were found to be linked to individuals on the US Treasury Department's OFAC sanctions list.

$348.98M liquidated as Bitcoin and Ethereum lead crypto market drop
Posted on Sunday December 10, 2023

The crypto market led by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana experienced an unexpected drop on Sunday night, leaving analysts speculating the reasons behind the shift.

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