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New York state denies air permit to bitcoin mining plant on Seneca Lake
Posted on Thursday June 30, 2022

We believe there is no credible legal basis whatsoever for a denial of this application," said Greenidge Generation Holdings in a statement.

Is Bitcoin Going to Make New Lows? Let's Look at the Chart
Posted on Thursday June 30, 2022

Bitcoin prices are again under pressure, as the cryptocurrency space faces more losses. As of midday Thursday, June 30, bitcoin is down 5% and ethereum is down almost 7%. At today’s low, bitcoin was ...

The SEC rejected bitcoin spot ETFs again. Now what?
Posted on Thursday June 30, 2022

As governments worldwide continue to eye the crypto industry, some digital asset managers are pushing back against regulators in an effort to provide more legal investing opportunities. The U.S.

Cryptocurrency CEO Used Social Media to Steal $1.7B of Bitcoin: Officials
Posted on Thursday June 30, 2022

According to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the individual solicited Bitcoin from nearly 30,000 different individual across the globe.

Bitcoin on track for its worst quarter in more than a decade
Posted on Thursday June 30, 2022

Bitcoin has lost around 58% of its value in the second quarter of 2022, its worst quarterly loss since the third quarter of 2011.

Ethereum dodges ‘difficulty bomb’ again as ‘Gray Glacier’ update goes live
Posted on Thursday June 30, 2022

The difficulty bomb is important for the merge, as once detonated, it aims to incentivize Ethereum’s shift to proof-of-stake.

Ethereum Price Predictions: Will the ETH Crypto Fall Below $1,000?
Posted on Thursday June 30, 2022

As anxiety grips the crypto market, ETH is heading toward a key price level. Yet, a number of Ethereum price predictions are bullish.

A Major Crypto Exchange Abandons Ethereum: Is the World’s Computer Falling Behind?
Posted on Wednesday June 29, 2022

This article originally appeared in Valid Points, CoinDesk’s weekly newsletter breaking down Ethereum’s evolution and its impact on crypto markets. Subscribe to get it in your inbox every Wednesday.

Facebook Begins Testing Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on Profiles
Posted on Thursday June 30, 2022

Meta is now testing NFTs on Facebook for some U.S. creators a few months after it began testing NFTs on Instagram.

‘Gray Glacier’ Upgrade Goes Live on Ethereum Network
Posted on Thursday June 30, 2022

Ethereum has rolled out a new scheduled major network upgrade called “Gray Glacier,” pushing the difficulty bomb back another 100 days.

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