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Bitcoin’s Market Value Touches Record as Token’s Price Nears All-Time High
Posted on Tuesday March 05, 2024

Bitcoin’s price is in sight of an all-time high and the crypto faithful are on tenterhooks waiting for a never-before-seen level. But in market value terms the token already touched a record.The ...

Crypto Price Alert: Bitcoin Now Braced For A ‘Big Move’ That Will ‘Astonish Everybody’ After Surge To All-Time High
Posted on Monday March 04, 2024

Bitcoin has rocketed to near its all-time high this week, climbing toward $69,000 per bitcoin—as rumors fly of both a secret sovereign and tech billionaire bitcoin bid. The bitcoin price has surged by ...

Bitcoin cools below $67,000, but stays in sight of record high
Posted on Monday March 04, 2024

Bitcoin was perched just below a two-year peak on Tuesday, having jumped to a high above $68,800 and nearing the all-time high as money keeps rushing into the world's most traded ...

Public mining CEO outlines scarcity that drives bitcoin price gains
Posted on Tuesday March 05, 2024

Bitcoin halving events, long-term holders and a fixed supply were among the factors outlined by Gryphon Digital Mining CEO Rob Chang.

Bitcoin's Latest Rally Is Close To Making History, Says Analyst
Posted on Monday March 04, 2024

Bitcoin prices could reach a new record before the next halving, a historical first in the digital currency's bull markets.

Ethereum (ETH) Shows Strength – Will the Price Hit $4,000 Soon?
Posted on Monday March 04, 2024

Looking at the chart, if the coin follows this trendline, the next possible target will be above $4,000. That’s an increase of more than 32% from its current level ($3,498). Supporting the uptrend, ...

US SEC further delays decision on BlackRock's spot ethereum ETF
Posted on Monday March 04, 2024

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) further delayed its decision on an application by asset manager BlackRock for its spot ethereum exchange-traded fund, according to a regulatory filing on ...

SEC seeks public comments on Ethereum ETF, raises concerns on proof of stake
Posted on Monday March 04, 2024

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced in a filing submitted Monday that it will be extending its decision timeline on BlackRock’s spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposal ...

Bitcoin and Ethereum surge to new highs
Posted on Monday March 04, 2024

Bitcoin soared past $65,000, facing resistance but attracting strong investor interest. Ethereum topped $3,500 with high trading volumes, driven by anticipation for the Dencon upgrade. Both milestones ...

This Presale Token is Driving Solana and Ethereum Investors Crazy, Expected to Grow 300% in Months
Posted on Monday March 04, 2024

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, investors are constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and diversification. Recently, a presale token has emerged, captivating the attention of ...

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