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Even the People’s Bank of China Can’t Kill Bitcoin FOMO
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Last week’s move by the People’s Bank of China to ban crypto transactions and mining dented the prices Ethereum and other digital currencies, but they’ve largely rebounded.  Support our journalism.

As bitcoin steadies after the shock of China's crypto ban, 5 experts break down what retail investors need to know
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Insider charted the route ahead for retail investors after China's central bank moved to ban crypto transactions.

Bitcoin Bros and Nuclear Bros Have Found Common Cause
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

In the hunt for cheap, carbon-free energy, some miners have sought out partnerships with aging nuclear power plants.

Bitcoin Continues Volatile, Rebounds After Last Week's Dip
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Bitcoin continues to swing. It recently was up almost 1%. It's down 10% from 10 days ago and up 26% over the past three months.

Ethereum price analysis: ETH risks new losses as it dips below $3k
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Ethereum's dip below $3,000 has seen bears touch lows of $2,896, suggesting a bearish flip is possible if bulls fail to keep the support at $2,871 ...

Ethereum miner returns $21.5 million in transaction fees
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Decentralized exchange DeversiFi reports 7676 Ether was paid erroneously in a transaction on its platform. Miner of block 13307440 has confirmed that $21.5 million will be returned to the wallet that ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Faces Major Hurdle Near $3,160
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Ethereum price is showing bearish signs below $3,160 against the US Dollar. ETH/USD could resume its decline as long as it is below $3,160.

Developer at the Ethereum Admits Guilt in Helping North Korea with Advice on How to Avoid U.S. Sanctions
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Ethereum researcher pleads guilty to advising North Korea on how to use cryptocurrency to avoid sanctions and launder money.

Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC/USD Gets Rejected at $154 Level
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

The Litecoin price prrdiction faces a sharp price decline after the coin touches the daily high of $154.97 to trade at $147.59.

Beware! Safepal Wallet Firefox add-on can steal cryptocurrency, from Bitcoin to Litecoin
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

A SafePal user has revealed a shocking online fraud that involved Safepal Wallet Firefox add-on, which reportedly stole her cryptocurrency. SafePal is a crypto-management platform that is capable of ...

Why are bitcoin, ether, litecoin and other cryptos crashing? Blame China
Posted on Friday September 24, 2021

Ethereum is down almost 7%, XRP is down over 7%, dogecoin is down over 8%, and litecoin is down almost 7.5%. As for why China’s central bank is cracking down on crypto, the official reasoning given, ...

Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC/USD Market Hovers Tightly at $150
Posted on Sunday September 26, 2021

The LTC/USD daily chart exhibits that the crypto-economic market hovers tightly around the $150 underneath the SMA indicators. The 14-day SMA trend line has bent southward to conjoin w ...

Dogecoin Tests Support At $0.20 As Bitcoin Remains Under Pressure
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Dogecoin is currently trying to settle below the support level at $0.20 while Bitcoin is moving towards the support level at $41,300. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has recently faced strong ...

Nano Dogecoin became sudden popular when it reached a massive 5,000% spike in a day
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Owing to the popularity of the meme-inspired dogecoin, other dogecoin clones started hitting the cryptocurrency market. Nano Dogecoin is also a dogecoin knock-off that recorded a whopping 5,000% ...

Why Is Dogecoin Dropping Lower Today?
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) was down 3.27% at $0.20 over 24 hours leading up to press time early Tuesday morning. What’s Moving? The Shiba Inu-themed coin has fallen 3.28% over a seven-day trailing period ...

Dogecoin Millionaire Review 2021 Remarkable Trading App Or A Scam?
Posted on Monday September 27, 2021

Who wants to be a Dogecoin Millionaire? Any kind of millionaire sounds awesome to us, and there's a way to optimize your cryptocurrency growth. Here it is!

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