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Qualcomm files 17 new complaints in China courts against smartphone maker Meizu

Shop assistant waits for customers at a Meizu store as Meizu MX3 smartphones are seen on display in the foreground, in ShenzhenQualcomm Inc has filed 17 fresh complaints in China against Meizu Technology Co, stepping up its battle with the Chinese smartphone maker after the two were unable to reach a licensing accord in the U.S. tech giant's biggest market. The patent infringement complaints by Qualcomm, submitted to intellectual property courts in Beijing and Shanghai on Thursday, mark the second time in a week it has taken legal action against Meizu, one of China's top 10 handset suppliers. Qualcomm is seeking to uphold terms of its landmark 2015 anti-trust settlement with China's economic policy panel, the National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC).

06/30/2016 07:35 AM

BMW teams up with tech firms for driverless cars: source

The logo of Intel is seen during the annual Computex computer exhibition in TaipeiBMW is set to announce an alliance to develop self-driving cars with collision detection specialist Mobileye and computer chip maker Intel, a source familiar with the matter said, as the race to put driverless cars on the road heats up. The tie-up is likely to focus on technology being developed by Mobileye to give computer-driven vehicles better reflexes without driver input, ushering in an era of self-driving cars early in the next decade, analysts said. It will be attended by BMW Chief Executive Harald Krueger, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and Mobileye Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Amnon Shashua, they said.

06/30/2016 07:09 AM

Uber driver data in Kenya helps bridge credit gap

A customer uses her cell-phone to access the Sidian Bank mobile-app inside the banking hall at the Sidian Bank headquarters on the outskirts of Kenya's capital NairobiBy Neha Wadekar NAIROBI (Reuters) - Sidian Bank has approved its first car loans to experienced Uber [UBER.UL] drivers in Kenya, using a model the ride hailing service hopes can be rolled out across countries in Africa where a lack of customer data limits lending. Getting loans is one of the main hurdles facing small businesses and individuals across the continent as relatively few people have bank accounts or a credit score to go with them so lenders can assess risk. Under the Sidian Bank scheme, Uber's app for booking cars and registering customer satisfaction provides the data the lender needs to decide whether to offer Uber drivers relatively cheap loans to buy their own cars.

06/30/2016 08:58 AM

Saudi Arabia to introduce hi-tech bracelets in haj safety push

Muslim pilgrims pray around the holy Kaaba at the Grand Mosque ahead of the annual haj pilgrimage in MeccaSaudi Arabia will introduce electronic identification bracelets for all pilgrims to Mecca starting this year, Saudi media said on Thursday, as part of a safety drive a year after the annual Islamic rite suffered its deadliest disaster in a generation. As many as 2,070 people died in a crush when thousands of pilgrims converged on a walkway intersection near the Muslim holy city of Mecca last September, according to a Reuters count, the highest loss of life at the annual pilgrimage since 1990. Containing personal and medical information, the bracelets will help authorities provide care and identify people, the official Saudi Press Agency SPA said.

06/30/2016 09:09 AM

Hertz signs rental deals with Uber and Lyft

A Hertz rental car sign is placed outside a rental lot near Detroit Metropolitan airport in Romulus(Reuters) - Hertz Global Holdings Inc said it has reached deals with the two largest U.S. ride-hailing companies, Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] and Lyft Inc, to rent cars to their drivers. Hertz's deal with Uber will allow drivers in Los Angeles to rent cars from certain off-airport Hertz locations. The deal could be expanded to other areas in the United States, Hertz said.

06/30/2016 11:23 AM

Google buys 12-year output from Norwegian wind power farm

File photo of a woman holding her smart phone which displays the Google home page, in this picture illustrationGoogle has bought the entire 12-year power production from a yet-to-be-built Norwegian wind power farm to supply its European data centers with renewable energy, its developers said on Thursday. Norway's Zephyr and Norsk Vind Energi said the 160-megawatt capacity onshore Tellenes wind power farm south of Stavanger is expected to be fully operational in late 2017, and when built it would become the largest wind power farm in the Nordic country. "Google has been carbon-neutral since 2007 and we are committed to powering 100 percent of our operations with renewable energy sources," said Marc Oman, EU Energy Lead, Google Global Infrastructure.

06/30/2016 04:19 AM

Is there a revolution in headphones coming?

Is there a revolution in headphones coming?As the rumors about the disappearing headphone jack continue to surface, Walt reviews new earphones that still take advantage of this classic technology but adds a new twist. This sparks a new conversation about how the powered audio jack can benefit this new technology being introduced into headphones and earbuds.

06/30/2016 11:26 AM

Apple’s iPhone turns nine: 5 ways it’s still better than Android
Apple changed the world nine years ago when it released the first iPhone. It sounds hyperbolic but I assure you, the original iPhone quite literally reshaped the mobile industry. It also changed the way we access information and connect with each other. The giants of the industry at the time have now all but vanished. Android, which was being developed as a terrible BlackBerry copy , was reimagined and released as the platform we now know. There have been plenty of retrospective pieces covering the iPhone to celebrate its nine-year anniversary, and some have been fairly interesting. But in light of all the negativity currently surrounding Apple's next-generation iPhone , I thought it might be nice to look at some of the ways Apple's mobile phone is still far better than its chief rival, Android. MUST READ:  The iPhone 7 nightmare User Experience Beginning with the most broad advantage the iPhone and iOS have over Android devices, Apple's UX is still in a league of its own. Google has taken tighter control of Android in recent years and we see "pure Android" shine through more and more with each new handset generation. This has had a huge positive impact on the overall Android user experience, which had for a long time been a muddled mess. Even pure Android can't quite compare to iOS though, which offers levels of simplicity and fluidity that are unmatched. Tight inter-device integration and proprietary services also add to the experience. Products like iMessage and FaceTime don't just lock users in, they offer superior quality and consistency. Sharing content between iPhones is also a snap. And if you own multiple Apple devices like an iPhone, iPad and MacBook, Continuity features bring better and tighter integration than you'll find anywhere else. Apple controls the hardware and the software experiences so the company is able to offer a product that aligns perfectly with its vision. Rumors suggest Google may finally be working on its own phone, but the company has quite a bit of ground to make up before it can even approach the experience Apple has crafted. Software Updates I wrote just about everything there is to write on this matter earlier this year . In a nutshell, the open source Android distribution model that led to the platform's success is also one of its biggest disadvantages. Almost no Android users have access to new updates when they're released. Instead, they have to wait months or longer before they gain access to the latest features and security updates. Many Android phones will never have access to new releases even after just a couple of years. The most widely used version of Android in the world right now was released in 2014. And Android Lollipop's market share (35.4%) is just a few points higher than KitKat (31.6%), which was released all the way back in 2013. Security Apple's iOS security is an advantage in so many ways. From encryption to general policy, Apple has a very pro-consumer approach to the way it protects its devices and services. And then you have app development and distribution to consider, which are controlled much more tightly by Apple than they are by Google. There is no question that Android apps have exciting capabilities you won't be able to enjoy on an iPhone. But all that freedom brings serious risks. Scary new malware that targets the Android platform is discovered on a weekly basis at this point. Meanwhile, as security expert Graham Cluley pointed out in a recent post , iOS hasn't ever had a major malware incident. Third-Party Apps It's as true today as it was seven years ago when the App Store first launched: iOS apps are better than Android apps. "Better" is subjective, so I'll elaborate. Apple's stricter guidelines for developers result in a far more consistent user experience across all iOS apps, first- and third-party. They look similar, they're fast, they're smooth, and they're far more reliable than apps on rival platforms. As I've written before, the same app from the same top-tier developer will always offer a better experience on an iPhone than it does on an Android phone. The third-party app ecosystem Apple has created is the main reason I can't ditch the iPhone and switch to my favorite smartphone, which just happens to be an Android phone. Customer Service and Support Last but certainly not least is customer support, which is an area where Apple has no competition. When you have a problem with your iPhone, Apple employees do everything they can to fix it. The best experience comes in Apple Stores, where friendly reps work with customers one-on-one to resolve any issues. And if an issue can't be resolved, the customer walks away with a new iPhone that has already been filled with all of his or her data. Apple's phone support is nearly as impressive. In some ways, it's even more impressive. Phone reps are friendly and patient, and they always do everything they can to resolve any issues and avoid having a device sent in for inspection. Often times you'll even receive a follow-up call to ensure your issue was resolved and your device is still working properly. Making a sale is the easy part and Apple knows it. After-sale service is yet another area where Apple shines far brighter than rivals, and it's one of the main reasons iPhone buyers keep coming back.
06/30/2016 11:24 AM

The Olympics will be shown in VR, but only on Samsung headsets
06/30/2016 11:15 AM

Furby Connect has come to steal and eat your IoT nightmares

Furby Connect has come to steal and eat your IoT nightmaresThere's a new Furby, and nothing is safe or sacred. A colorful, bright LED in FURBY CONNECT’S antenna lights up to signal new content has arrived in the app’s theatre. The FURBY CONNECT toy strives to offer the best value by providing a play experience that continuously refreshes and encourages kids to keep connecting.

06/30/2016 11:06 AM

This description of Trump eating McDonald's will haunt you

This description of Trump eating McDonald's will haunt youBoston radio host Howie Carr wrote a breathless piece about how he’s not a racist, but is friends with Donald Trump. The story, at the Boston Herald, is a messy and defensive non-apology about Carr’s decision to mock Senator Elizabeth Warren with a "war whoop." More importantly, the rant culminates with one of the strangest "compliments" of the 2016 election cycle. It was fun being on the Boeing 757 with Trump.

06/30/2016 11:04 AM

Juiced for Olympics in VR? Better grab a Samsung headset

Juiced for Olympics in VR? Better grab a Samsung headsetFor the first time, you can watch Olympic ceremonies and competition in virtual reality, but only if you have Samsung's devices and pay for traditional TV.

06/30/2016 10:57 AM

Amazon opens up grocery deliveries to more of London
06/30/2016 10:50 AM

AI, Frankenstein? Not so fast, experts say

AI, Frankenstein? Not so fast, experts sayIt's easy to worry about what artificial intelligence will deal us. Some people are trying to sort things out before we get too far down the road.

06/30/2016 10:48 AM

NASA’s Juno spacecraft will soon reach Jupiter and start unlocking the planet’s secrets

NASA’s Juno spacecraft will soon reach Jupiter and start unlocking the planet’s secretsNASA is celebrating Independence Day this year by putting a spacecraft into orbit around Jupiter. The space agency’s Juno mission is slated to arrive at the massive planet on the night of July 4th, after having traveled across more than 1.7 billion miles of space over the past five years. Once Juno arrives, the probe’s main engine will fire, slowing the spacecraft down and placing it into orbit around Jupiter.

06/30/2016 10:41 AM

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